Melissa McCaig-Welles Presents:




Co- Curated by Rodrigo Valles


AZ Art Gallery

617 W. 27th Street

NYC, NY 10001


August 6- August 16, 2015

Opening Reception August 7, 2015 6-9pm


Press Release follows:


“TROPHY ART” is an exhibition in a series by McCaig-Welles, in which an artist(s) co-collaborates as a curator, organizing an exhibition on a theme they feel is topical, relevant and that which has made an impact on their lives and artwork.  The exhibition will include works by the curators and by the artists who have influenced them on a personal and professional level.


This group exhibition will be featuring works by: Queen Andrea, Monique Mantell, Carlos Mare, Elle, Dan Witz, Laura Manning, Rodrigo Valles, Tim Okamura, Alessandra Maria, Kathleen Vance, Zofia Bogusz, Chris Uphues, Jamie Martinez, Sophie Alexia Joly de Lotbiniere, GILF, Johnathan Arthur Carr, Vicky Barranguet, David Ortiz, David Hollier, Greg Berg, Katrina del Mar, Nick Kuszyk, Morning Breath, Christian Jaquet  


The artists exhibiting in “TROPHY ART” are counter points to current trends in which sales and media hype have taken an increasingly larger role in the art world, artists, and how art is valued. The artists exhibiting in “TROPHY ART” instead focus on showcasing one artwork that exemplifies their dedication and devotion to their work. There will be 20 large works in total, ranging from painting, drawing to sculpture.  This presentation will pay tribute to the effort, passion and talent entailed in creating a work of art and respecting the detailed processes along the way.


“TROPHY ART” focuses on artists who are pioneers, skilled practitioners, insightful storytellers, overlooked talents, outspoken critics or standout tastemakers. Each work is valued on skill, impact and a passion for their pursuit to make a bold and pervasive statement. The collection is powerful, impressive and resonates with the core aesthetics of the true process of invention and creation.