McCaig-Welles Gallery

Past Exhibition
Trevor Guthrie
TrevorGuthrie @McCaig-Welles Opening Reception: Saturday, December 2, 2006 7-10 pm Brooklyn, New York (December 2, 2006):

The McCaig Welles Gallery is pleased to represent an exhibition of work by Trevor Guthrie. The opening reception will be Saturday December 2nd, 2006 from 7-10 pm.

Trevor Guthrie uses Polaroid’s and found images to create large monochrome charcoal drawings. A figurative artist, he works on massive sheets of paper to render scenes of modern life. His drawings morph proportion so as to play with the viewer’s eye and often one must walk around his work to find the proper perspective. Black humor, art historical references, and political commentary can all be found in his work. Guthrie often critiques the media presentation of world events, operating under the axiom that those who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it.

The title of the show is a quote from the poet Arthur Rimbaud that translates from German to “Where the Stars are Sleeping.” It is a reference to the sublime, ethereal quality of his art.

Guthrie credits Francis Bacon as a major influence as well as Velasquez and Caravaggio. Described as a contemporary Edward Hopper, Guthrie persisted in representing the figure when it was not popular to do so.

Trevor Guthrie was born in Fife, Scotland and grew up with three siblings. He was raised in Canada where his family immigrated when he was one. He attended the Victoria College of Art and Design and now lives in Zurich Switzerland with his wife and young son. He regularly exhibits in Zurich, Basel, and Berlin.

This exhibit will be on display until January 2 , 2007.