McCaig-Welles Gallery

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Wide Open

"Wide Open"

For Immediate Release: Brooklyn, New York (August 14, 2007)

Hi everyone. Come to the show on Saturday, September 8th at McCaig-Welles Gallery, 8-11pm. It's a Benefit for Food Not Bombs and there are like 100 rad artists in the show. It's gonna rule!

Thanks, R Nicholas Kusyzk, Curator/Official Courier : "Wide Open" 2007

Featuring artists:

Marty Reisman, Swoon, Eric Orr, Bonnie Collura, Sacha Jenkins SHR, Rich Jacobs, Maya Hayuk, Keith Mchenry, Matt & Kim, Japanther, Yojimbo, Jasper Patch, Tim Diet, Tunde Adebimpe, Tim Barry, Dan Friel, Peter Sutherland, Josh Small, Sto, Kelie Bowman, Rob Ericson, Ed Trask, Cycle, Eric Oobust, Richard Roth, Bengamin Maddox, Bruce Wilhelm, Brainworms, Carter Gilliss, James Davis, David Cook, Kyp Malone, Pat Berran, Ex Models, Kevin Hooyman, Paulo Arao, Jason Brunson, Andy Mcarthy, Chris Gwyn, Corndawg, Woods, Squirm Orchestra, Rambo, Drew Liverman, Dana Bell, Amir Fallah, Donald "Scribe" Ross, Jim Callahan, Jonston Foster, Solo Dos En Tijuana, George Ferrandi, David Mcqueen, Acht(en), Ports Bishop, Johnerick Lawson, Ghastly City Sleep, Kai Vierstra, Jason Griffith, Maseo Eagle, Sara Shapouri, Apeshit, Miami Ice Machine, Baroness, Jimmy Cousins, USAISAMONSTER, Bobby Puleo, Charlie Nunn, Alex Miller, Tommy Tracey, Jay Sheldon, Chip7, Peter Corrie, Dave Choi, Langdon Graves, Bill Fisher, Gavin Stevens, Ryan Jacob Smith, Marshall Higgins, Bradley Baconface, Brooks Bikedude Alley, Brent Loverde, Travis Lindquist, David Gyuk Hochbaum, Jason Ellis, Dee Dee Cheriel, Jonathan Mehring, Annica Lydenburg,

The exhibition will be on display until October 7th, 2007.